The Brothers Sun Season 2: Will the Netflix series get a sequel?

"The Brothers Sun" is currently providing suspense and humor on Netflix. Is the story over after the first season? What is known about a sequel

The new series “The Brothers Sun” has just been released on Netflix. It is about the true value of family. The story about Eileen, Charles and Bruce is already inspiring a large audience. No wonder fans are wondering whether season 1 is the end or whether there will be a sequel to the series.

We have done some research! In this article, you can find out what is known so far about season 2 and how likely it seems.

Will “The Brothers Sun” continue with season 2?

No second season of “The Brothers Sun” has yet been confirmed. Netflix usually makes it dependent on the success of a series as to whether it will be continued. We will therefore have to wait and see how often “The Brothers Sun” is streamed.

As soon as the streaming service announces season 2, you’ll find it on Scrollbytes.

When will season 2 start on Netflix?

As a second season of “The Brothers Sun” has not yet been confirmed, no start date can be given at this point. As soon as Netflix makes a statement, we will add the information here.

How many episodes does “The Brothers Sun” have?

Another sequel to “The Brothers Sun” has not yet been confirmed. Therefore, no number of episodes can be named. The first season consists of eight episodes. Netflix will presumably stick to this number for further seasons.

How could “The Brothers Sun” continue?

As “The Brothers Sun” has only just started on Netflix, we can only speculate about the plot of a sequel at the moment. Will the three main characters survive? If so, we can certainly expect more exciting episodes, because: If the father was the leader of a Taiwanese triad, you don’t get to rest so quickly.

Is there a trailer for season 2?

A second season of “The Brothers Sun” has not yet been confirmed. Accordingly, there is currently no trailer. Should Netflix provide a first glimpse, we will add it here.

The cast of “The Brothers Sun” at a glance

At the moment, it is not yet clear who could be part of the cast of a sequel to “The Brothers Sun”. Presumably some actors would return, but there would also be new names on the cast list. Until the cast for season 2 is known, you can see the current cast on Scrollbytes:

Cast – Role

  • Justin Chien as Charles “Chair Leg” Sun
  • Michelle Yeoh as Eileen Sun
  • Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun
  • Johnny Kou as Big Sun
  • Highdee Kuan as Alexis
  • Alice Hewkin as May/June
  • Joon Lee as TK
  • Jenny Yang as Xing
  • Jon Xue Zhang as Blood Boots
  • Madison Hu as Grace
  • Rodney To as Mark
  • Ron Yuan
  • Alexis Rhee

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