Will there be Battlefish Season 2?

Battlefish is an American reality TV show that follows the adventures of five fishing crews as they hunt for albacore tuna in the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Washington and Oregon. The show premiered on Netflix on September 21, 2018, and featured eight episodes documenting the challenges and triumphs of the 2017 fishing season. Pilgrim Media Group produces the show and showcases the skills, risks and rewards of tuna fishing.

How many seasons of Battlefish are there?

So far, there is only one season of Battlefish available on Netflix. The streaming service has not officially renewed or canceled the show, so it is unclear if there will be a second season. However, some fans have speculated that a second season might be in the works, based on some hints from the show’s official Instagram account and some cast members.

Battlefish Season 2 Speculated Release Date

If Battlefish does get a second season, it will likely follow a similar production schedule as the first season. The first season was filmed during the summer of 2017 and released in September 2018, so a possible second season could be filmed during the summer of 2021 and released in late 2024 or early 2025. However, this is just a guess and there is no official confirmation or announcement from Netflix or the producers.

Battlefish Plot: What’s next

The plot of Battlefish season 2 would depend on whether the show features the same or different fishing crews as the first season. The first season focused on the boats Judy S, Intrepid, Oppor-Tuna-Ty, TNT and Ashley Nicole, and their respective captains and deckhands. The show also explored the personal stories and struggles of some of the crew members, such as Aaron from Oppor-Tuna-Ty who lost his daughter to cancer, Malissa from Judy S who wanted to prove herself as a female deckhand, and Justin from Ashley Nicole who became a father for the second time.

If the show returns with the same cast, it could continue to follow their lives and careers as they face new challenges and opportunities in the tuna fishing industry. If the show introduces new cast members, it could showcase different perspectives and experiences of tuna fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

Battlefish Potential Cast of Next Season

The cast of Battlefish season 2 is unknown at this point, but it could include some or all of the following people who appeared in the first season:

  • Captain Jonny Law of Judy S
  • Deckhands Andre Law Jr., Malissa Joiner and Nick McGlashan of Judy S
  • Captain Jake Mitchell of Intrepid
  • Deckhands Travis Mitchell, Matt Davis and Ryan Davis of Intrepid
  • Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of Oppor-Tuna-Ty
  • Deckhands Aaron Hillstrand, Tim Hillstrand and Josh Harris of Oppor-Tuna-Ty
  • Captain Bill McElderry of TNT
  • Deckhands Tyler McElderry, Cody McElderry and Mike Harris of TNT
  • Captain Justin Harris of Ashley Nicole
  • Deckhands Kyle Harris, Chris Harris and Brandon Ahrndt of Ashley Nicole

Where To Watch?

Battlefish Season 2 would most likely be available to watch exclusively on Netflix, as the first season was.

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