New Button on Samsung Galaxy Phones: This is what happens when you press the star button

A new button will soon appear in many apps on Samsung phones. In the gallery and in the browser, you will see a button with 3 stars on it. This is what happens when you press it.

  • With the update to One UI 6.1, a new button will soon be visible on many Samsung phones. This is marked with three stars.
  • You can use the button to call up the artificial intelligence Galaxy AI.
  • Among other things, it will help you remove distracting shadows and reflections in pictures. It can also translate phone calls.

Samsung plans to distribute a major update for various Galaxy phones during the first half of the year. It will bring the new One UI 6.1 user interface introduced with the Galaxy S24 to the older models. This also includes a new button that can be seen in many system apps. The button has 3 stars as a symbol and appears in the gallery, on the keyboard or in the “Samsung Internet” browser. What’s it all about?

You can use the button to call up Galaxy AI. This is an artificial intelligence developed by the South Korean manufacturer itself that does the work for you in the respective apps. Samsung has trained its own so-called Large Language Model (LLM) for this and does not use an existing one like ChatGPT.

In the gallery, you can use Galaxy AI to remove objects from photos or move them around, for example – without the need for in-depth image editing knowledge. Galaxy AI can also remove distracting reflections or shadows from images for you. You can also have phone calls translated by Galaxy AI – even in real time. The AI currently supports 13 languages.

Shortcut to call up the Galaxy AI

In the browser, you can use the button to summarize or translate texts on websites. When summarizing, you can choose between a short and a long form. When writing, Galaxy AI supports you with wording suggestions or translates your messages into other languages.

What happens to your data?

When it comes to artificial intelligence, there are of course legitimate questions about the protection of your data. At Samsung, data is processed partly on your device and partly in the cloud – depending on which function you want to use. The following table gives you an overview of which feature sends data to the cloud and which function processes data exclusively on the device.

Samsung also assures you that you have the option of prohibiting the use of your data to train the Galaxy AI.

Samsung account required

However, if you want to use Galaxy AI, you will need a free Samsung account for many functions. You can deactivate some or all Galaxy AI features in your phone’s settings. It is also possible to only activate functions where the data is processed exclusively on the device. It remains to be seen whether the new button can also be hidden in this way.

According to Samsung, the phones in the Galaxy S23 series, including the S23 FE, as well as the Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5, will receive the update to OneUI 6.1 first, and the Tab S9 series is also scheduled for this.

The update to One UI 6.1 will probably include other features in addition to Galaxy AI.

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