WhatsApp: This is what happens if you put the characters “*” or “-” in front of your message

WhatsApp has rolled out a new text formatting tool in an update for the iPhone. You can use control characters such as "*" or "-" to change the appearance of your message.

  • A text formatting tool has been rolled out with a WhatsApp update for the iPhone.
  • Messages can now be communicated more effectively and precisely.
  • The tool could soon also be available for Android phones.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new function with the update to version 24.2.75 for the iPhone. This is a text formatting tool for messages that is designed to improve the visual and structural aspects of text messages. The following formatting options are now available:

  • Codeblock: Often used by software developers and programmers and was originally developed to simplify the sharing and reading of code. You can highlight a specific part of a message with the “`” gravis.
  • Quote Block: Can be used to reply to a previous message by quoting the message.
  • Lists: Used to clearly list information. A list can be created by starting the text with an asterisk “*”, minus sign “-” or numbers.

Extensive formatting options now available

With this text formatting tool, WhatsApp not only offers an easier and improved way to format texts, but also increases the professionalism of the platform. Users can now formulate technical details and complex information more effectively and precisely. It doesn’t matter whether the tool is used for casual conversations or professional discussions, as it is not only aimed at technical experts.

It is not yet known when the formatting tool will also be available for other platforms. However, the fan blog WABetaInfo has been testing it on Android phones since the beginning of January. So it shouldn’t be long before it finds its way into Messenger here too.

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