iOS 17.2: How to deactivate text suggestions on the iPhone

Apple introduced a new type of text suggestion with iOS 17, but this can only be deactivated with iOS 17.2. We will be happy to explain how this works.

This year, Apple once again introduced numerous new functions with the major fall updates. While Apple continues to refine the features with each update, users now have the opportunity to deactivate some of them – such as the new text suggestions.

Text suggestions in the input field

Previously, iOS already made suggestions for individual words. A selection was displayed above the keyboard as you typed. This sometimes worked better and sometimes less well, so deactivating it may make sense for some users. More on this in a moment.

In iOS 17, Apple added the feature and now shows you the next word or even an entire sentence in grayed-out text. A tap on the space bar inserts the word or sentence. Although this is a practical feature, it is unfortunately only available for iPhone 12 and newer and in English-speaking countries for the time being. However, anyone who has activated the English keyboard will stumble across it from time to time. We would therefore like to show you how to disable the function. This will only be possible from the update to iOS 17.2.

iOS 17.2: Deactivate text suggestions

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Call up the “General” menu
  • Then tap on the “Keyboard” entry
  • In the “All keyboards” section, you will find the “Text suggestions” option to switch off the suggestions above the keyboard
  • Scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the setting “Show suggestions inline”, which you can also deactivate

This deactivates both the normal text suggestions and those in the running text and saves some space on the screen, as the line above the keyboard is hidden. However, if you miss the function, you can switch it on again at any time in the same way.

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