At Last: A Flying Umbrella

If you're tired of holding an umbrella in your hand, you should take a closer look at this flying umbrella. It is based on a self-built drone.

We live in a world in which people have chips implanted in their brains to control their thoughts – but we still hold our umbrellas in our hands when it rains, just as we did a hundred years ago.

This apparently also displeased the creator of the YouTube channel “I Build Stuff”. The foundation stone for the development of a flying umbrella was laid. The creator himself admits that he was not the first to come up with this idea. However, on closer inspection, many videos turned out to be fake.

Hardly surprising, as many people naturally think directly of a quadrocopter, a drone over which a piece of fabric is stretched and which then functions as a flying umbrella. But the devil is in the detail with such developments. The positioning of the rotors, for example, is of fundamental importance. But questions about control, GPS tracking, stability and noise levels also need to be clarified.

After numerous setbacks, failed attempts and improvements, the first tests with the flying umbrella could finally begin. These were initially positive. However, the second test flight revealed new problems in the fine-tuning.

After months of work and the help of a 3D printer, a roughly functioning, flying umbrella was actually created. However, it still has to be controlled manually with the help of a remote control, as you can see in the charming video. The inventor now wants to tackle automatic tracking via GPS in the next step. By the way: someone has of course already come up with the idea of walking the dog with a drone.

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