I Hate Christmas Season 3: Will Gianna’s love story continue?

The second season of "I Hate Christmas" is airing on Netflix. Is that the end of Gianna's story? What is known about a sequel.

Who rang Gianna’s doorbell? This question is currently being answered in the second season of “I Hate Christmas”, which has been available on Netflix since the beginning of December. However, the young nurse’s life continues to be just as turbulent as before.

While a new countdown is underway for Gianna, fans of the Italian series are already wondering whether the story will continue. We have investigated whether there could be another installment. Find out what is known about season 3 of “I Hate Christmas” on Scrollbytes.

Will “I Hate Christmas” continue with season 3?

No third season of “I Hate Christmas” has yet been confirmed. The original “Christmas at Home” also only has two seasons.

Netflix is presumably making it dependent on the success of the new episodes as to whether another sequel will be produced. As soon as the streaming service makes a statement, you will find out here.

When will the third season start?

As a third season of “I Hate Christmas” has not yet been confirmed, no start date can be given at this point. As soon as there is concrete information on this, we will add it here.

How many episodes are there in “I Hate Christmas” season 3?

Another instalment of “I Hate Christmas” has not yet been confirmed. It is therefore not possible to say how many episodes there will be. The previous seasons consisted of six episodes. Netflix will presumably stick to this number for further seasons.

How could “I Hate Christmas” continue?

The second season of “I Hate Christmas” has only just started on Netflix, so we can only speculate about the possible plot of a third season at the moment. What is certain, however, is that Gianna’s (love) life would continue to offer enough exciting stories.

Is there a trailer for season 3?

A third season of “I Hate Christmas” has not yet been confirmed. Logically, there is, therefore, currently no trailer. Should Netflix provide a first glimpse, we will add it here.

The cast of “I Hate Christmas” at a glance

It is not yet clear who could be part of the cast of a sequel to “I Hate Christmas”. Until Netflix names the first actors, you can find the current cast at a glance here:

Cast – Role

Pilar Fogliati as Gianna
Nicolas Maupas as Davide
Beatrice Arnera as Titti
Fiorenza Pieri as Margherita
Pierpaolo Spollon
Jenny De Nucci

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