My Life with the Walter Boys Season 2: The story is not over yet!

The Netflix series "My Life with the Walter Boys" attracts an audience of millions. So it's no wonder that season 2 has already been confirmed.

My Life with the Walter Boys” has been available on Netflix since last year. The series about Jackie and her two brothers is becoming a real hit.

However, the end of season 1 left many fans perplexed. So it’s no surprise that the question of a sequel is being raised. We have investigated whether the love story surrounding Jackie, Alex and Cole will continue in season 2 – and here’s a little spoiler: There’s reason to be happy!

Netflix confirms season 2 of “My Life with the Walter Boys”

Fans of the love triangle can look forward to a special gift just before Christmas: Netflix has confirmed the second season of “My Life with the Walter Boys”!

In a video on Instagram, the main cast trio can be seen on the phone with showrunner Melanie Halsall, who announces the good news.

However, the renewal was not entirely surprising despite the lack of a book: since its release, the series has consistently remained at the top of the series charts.

Why “My Life with the Walter Boys” must go on

My Life with the Walter Boys Season 2: The story is not over yet!

Ok, more episodes are now confirmed – luckily: because the ending literally cries out for a sequel!

If you haven’t finished the first season yet, don’t read on now – warning, spoilers!

In the final episode, Will and Hayley celebrate their wedding on the Walters’ farm. Alex drunkenly confesses his love to Jackie. But she says nothing. While he falls asleep early, she discovers her deceased sister’s broken teapot – glued together and with a message from Cole. When she visits him in his workshop and confronts him about it, they kiss passionately.

The next morning, Alex wants to apologise to Jackie with breakfast, but she is not in her room. She has only left an “I’m sorry” message. The next scene shows why: Jackie flies to New York with her uncle and Danny.

Many fans might not like this ending. However, anyone who has read the book will already be familiar with the open-ended shock – because although the series deviates from the book here and there, it ends in the same way. But there is no sequel to the book yet.

This means that the makers will now have to develop their own new storylines for a second season. The good news, however, is that the love triangle offers more than enough material for this.

When will season 2 start on Netflix?

As the second season of “My Life with the Walter Boys” has only just been confirmed, no start date can be given at this point. Depending on how far planning has progressed and when filming begins, a start at the end of 2024 at the earliest would be conceivable – but that would be sporty. 2025 would be more realistic.

As soon as there is concrete information on this, we will add it on Scrollbytes.

How many episodes will there be in season 2?

No number of episodes can currently be given. The first season consists of ten episodes. Netflix will presumably stick to this number for further seasons.

Is there a trailer for season 2?

The second season of “My Life with the Walter Boys” has not yet been filmed. Accordingly, there is currently no trailer. Should Netflix provide a first glimpse, we will add it here.

The cast of “My Life with the Walter Boys” at a glance

It is not yet clear who will be part of the cast of the sequel to “My Life with the Walter Boys”. The main trio is of course fixed. However, most of the actors are also likely to be back. Until Netflix announces the actors, you can find an overview of the cast on Scrollbytes:

Cast – Role

  • Nikki Rodriguez – Jackie
  • Sarah Rafferty – Katherine
  • Marc Blucas – George
  • Noah LaLonde – Cole
  • Ashby Gentry – Alex
  • Connor Stanhope – Danny
  • Johnny Link – Will
  • Corey Fogelmanis – Nathan
  • Dean Petriw – Jordan
  • Lennix James – Benny
  • Alix West Lefler – Parker
  • Isaac Arellanes – Isaac
  • Myles Perez – Lee
  • Zoë Soul – Hayley
  • Alisha Newton – Erin
  • Jaylan Evans – Skylar
  • Ashley Tavares – Tara
  • Moheb Jindran – Nikhil
  • Ellie O’Brien – Grace
  • Mya Lowe – Kiley
  • Gabrielle Jacinto – Olivia
  • Nathaniel Arcand – Mato
  • Alex Quijano – Richard

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