Obliterated Season 2: Will the story continue?

The first season of "Obliterated" is available on Netflix. Will the story of the special unit be continued? What is known so far.

You can watch the first season of the new series “Obliterated” on Netflix. In it, a special unit has to defuse a bomb in Las Vegas. But after a supposed success, they find out that a fake has fooled them. Although the season has only just been released, viewers are already asking for a sequel.

We have summarised on Scrollbytes whether season 2 has already been announced, when it might be released and what else is known.

Will “Obliterated” continue with season 2?

The episodes of the first season have only just been released. It is, therefore, not yet clear whether there will be a sequel. Experience shows that Netflix waits to see how successful a series is in the first few weeks after its release. Based on this, we can then make a more concrete assumption as to whether we can look forward to season 2.

When will season 2 start on Netflix?

As no sequel has yet been confirmed, no start date has been set.

Should there be any news about the start of production of a new season of “Obliterated“, we will add it on Scrolbytes.

What is season 2 of “Obliterated” about?

As it has not yet been confirmed whether there will be a second season at all, we are unfortunately unable to give you any information about a possible plot. But here you can find out what the first eight episodes are about:

A special unit saves the world again and again. It’s a tough job that doesn’t involve many periods of relaxation. The special unit in the series “Obliterated” is tasked with defusing a bomb in Las Vegas in order to save the entire city from devastation. Afterwards, they finally want to treat themselves to a little break. Alcohol, drugs, sex and lots of partying. The team parties until dawn. The next morning, they can barely stand up straight. But then it suddenly becomes clear: the supposedly defused bomb was just a dummy. This means that a highly explosive bomb is still hidden somewhere in Las Vegas and threatens to kill many people. How is the party group supposed to manage this?

Is there a trailer?

Netflix has not yet confirmed a sequel. As it has therefore not yet been produced, there is currently no official trailer for a second season of “Obliterated”.

The cast of “Obliterated” at a glance

The first season already featured several stars, such as Nick Zano and Shelley Hennig. However, as a second season has not yet been confirmed, it is not yet clear who will be in it. Here you can at least see the cast of the current season:

Role – Actor

  • Chad McKnight – Nick Zano
  • Ava Winter – Shelley Hennig
  • Trunk – Terrence Terrell
  • Lana – Alyson Gorske
  • Haggerty – C. Thomas Howell
  • Paul Young – Eugene Kim
  • Angela Gomez – Paola Lázaro
  • Maya Choi – Kimi Rutledge
  • Langdon – Carl Lumbly
  • Maddox – David Costabile
  • Ivan Koslov – Costa Ronin
  • Yani – Lindsey Kraft
  • Ehren – Tobias Jelinek
  • Jen – Minnie Mills
  • Marge – Virginia Madsen
  • Crazy Susan – Lori Petty
  • Liam – Clive Standen
  • Vlad – Ivan G’Vera
  • Mr Dugan – Keston John

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