Pictures with the OnePlus 12: OnePlus manager shoots photos with unreleased phone and shares them

In the new renders of the OnePlus 12, the stainless steel hump on the camera is missing.

Apparently, a manager at OnePlus has already been able to try out the OnePlus 12. He shows some photos on social media that he claims to have taken with his company’s new flagship.

The OnePlus 12 is said to come with a new Sony Lytia as the main sensor and additional cameras, about which we have no official information yet. Thanks to the president of OnePlus China, we can at least get a small taste of the image quality of the next flagship model. Li Jie Louis has shared a few pictures he took with the phone on Weibo.

Pictures of the OnePlus 12

On Weibo, the CEO of OnePlus China claims to have taken these pictures with the OnePlus 12, his company’s next flagship.

Pictures with the OnePlus 12
OnePlus China CEO Li Jie Louis seems to have photographed a coffee shop. (Source: Li Jie Louis on Weibo)
Pictures with the OnePlus 12
We don’t know if the OnePlus 12 zoomed in or if the photographer got closer. (Source: Li Jie Louis on Weibo)

Please note, however, that due to various compression techniques, the quality of the images cannot quite match the quality that you will be able to admire on the end device. In addition, Louis himself admits that he is not a professional photographer. People who are familiar with photography can also get a lot more out of smartphone cameras.

Inside the OnePlus 12, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will do the necessary work. This can outperform current smartphones in a benchmark test that has emerged. In addition, 12 gigabytes of RAM are specified, which according to rumors could be increased to up to 24 gigabytes.

Source: MySmartPrize and @OnLeaks

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