The Crown Season 7: Why the Netflix series is ending

For years, "The Crown" was one of Netflix's top series. But after season 6, it's over. Find out what's behind the cancellation here.

The Netflix series “The Crown” has been a fixture on the platform for many streamers for many years. For a total of six seasons, the story of the British royal family has captivated viewers. Season 6 most recently focussed on the death of Princess Diana and the time that followed. Now that all the episodes have been released, fans are understandably asking themselves one question: will there be a sequel?

However, the answer is a resounding no. Here you can find out why there will be no seventh season of “The Crown“. We’ve also considered what could happen if Netflix changes its mind.

Why there will be no season 7 of “The Crown”

Just recently, the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” was released and the royal family of the United Kingdom landed in the headlines again. The deaths of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are also still relatively recent.

Therefore, the people responsible for “The Crown” are not running out of topics. Nevertheless, they do not want to produce a season 7. Peter Morgan, the series developer, explained in an interview with “Broadcast Now” that at least ten years would have to pass. This is the only way he could see an event in its historical context, really understand it and realise it for the series.

When will season 7 start on Netflix?

As there will be no further instalment of “The Crown”, it goes without saying that no start date can be given at this point. If Netflix changes its mind, you will find out on Scrollbytes.

What could a sequel be about?

The Crown Season 7: Why the Netflix series is ending

The final episodes of season 6 have only just been released on Netflix. A possible plot for season 7 depends on how it ends.

However, a sequel would certainly continue to be about William and Kate as well as Harry and Meghan. This could also bring a lot of drama to the new episodes.

The deaths of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II could also become a topic. In this case, we would also see Charles’ coronation ceremony. The lives of the royals remain exciting and certainly offer some interesting stories for further seasons of “The Crown” or perhaps even spin-offs.

This is the cast of “The Crown”

Over time, the cast of “The Crown” changed regularly as different people took centre stage. However, as the last two seasons were set in the same time period, most of the actors could be seen in both. In a seventh season, there would certainly be some new actors again. Logically, however, nothing has yet been confirmed in this regard. That’s why you can find the latest cast here until further notice:

Role – Actors

Queen Elizabeth II – Imelda Staunton
Princess Margaret – Lesley Manville
Prince Philip – Jonathan Pryce
Princess Diana – Elizabeth Debicki
Prince Charles – Dominic West
Prince William (15 years old) – Rufus Kampa
Prince William (young adult) – Ed McVey
Kate Middleton – Meg Bellamy
Prince Harry (young) – Will Powell
Prince Harry (young adult) – not yet known

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