Diablo 4: Play multiplayer online and locally

Diablo 4 requires a permanent internet connection, which means that multiplayer is more important than in its predecessor. In this guide, we reveal the requirements you and your friends need to meet in order to play Diablo 4 together online or locally.

How you can play couch co-op

The local co-op mode is only available to console players. So if you own the game for PS5/PS4 or Xbox SX/Xbox One, you can play Diablo 4 with another player on one screen.

Of course, this requires a second controller, but also a PlayStation or Xbox account that is linked to the Blizzard account. This applies to both players. An active PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription is not a prerequisite for couch co-op. However, without a subscription you will have to do without online co-op, PvP and chat.

To get started, select your character and join the game. The second player simply has to press the start button on their controller to log in with their account and join. Nothing else is necessary. Unless you have already completed the game’s prologue, but your fellow player has not. In this case, the second player must also complete the prologue.

Important: Story progress starts with the group leader. The second player only makes progress if they are on a par with the story. It is therefore advisable to hand over the leadership of the group to the player who has made the least progress.

How you can play online co-op

The online co-op mode is available to both console and PC players. However, console players need an active PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription to play online with friends. A total of up to four players can join together in a group.

Enter the game with your preferred character. Then open the map and select the “Friends” tab (PC players can open the tab by pressing the “O” key). Select a player from the friends list and select “Invite to party” if you want to invite a friend to your game or “Request to join party” if you want to join your friend’s game.

Both options are only available for selection if the other player is also in the game. Another prerequisite is the respective season. If you are playing with a seasonal character, your friend must also have a seasonal hero. Otherwise it is not possible to play together.

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