GTA 6: Shock for many fans? What Rockstar is set to reveal soon

The unveiling of GTA 6 was supposed to be imminent, but fans are in for a shock. Rockstar may want to unveil this game first.

  • The next reveal may not be that of GTA 6.
  • Rockstar Games is said to be planning a mobile game collection.

Several insiders and fans online actually agree that Rockstar Games will unveil GTA 6 with a trailer at the end of 2023, but the publisher is still taking its time.

The end of October was considered a possible date. There is now speculation about November 7, 2023, as parent company Take-Two is holding a financial conference on November 8 and hints about upcoming games could emerge there. An unveiling the day before would therefore make sense.

Old games for your smartphone

However, Reddit user “Training_Island_3966” is now voicing concerns in the online community. According to him, the next big reveal will not be GTA 6, but a GTA Trilogy Mobile: Definitive Edition. This would come as a shock to many fans, as they are all waiting for the overdue unveiling of the next blockbuster title and not a mobile game trilogy with old games.

“GTA 6 was never mentioned in an early interview for Take Two investors. GTA 6 Trilogy Mobile Definitive Edition was supposed to be unveiled in 2023, with a release planned for 2024 to 2026. Note that this is only what the documents reveal. Maybe it will be released earlier, but we’ll see. However, GTA 6 does not have a reveal date. However, the folks at Rockstar know what they’re doing. It’s either this year or 2024. This all comes from a review of Take-Two investor documents,” he continues.

The Reddit user does not show any screenshots from the documents, so the statements are not yet proven and many rumors on the net about GTA 6 are fictitious. You should therefore be skeptical. However, Rockstar Games is known for re-releasing older games for new platforms, so such a release would be nothing surprising.

Maybe Rockstar will announce such a mobile game collection without a big presentation so that the big GTA 6 announcement show doesn’t lose any of its shine and all this still happen in 2023. We remain patient and look forward to the coming days.

Source: Reddit

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