End of Support for Windows 10 Approaching: Petition to save OS

A petition aims to prevent the end of Windows 10.

Despite the introduction of Windows 11, many of you continue to use Windows 10, but the operating system is soon threatened with the end of support. A petition is now being launched to prevent this.

  • The last security updates for Windows 10 will be released in October 2025.
  • The OS continues to enjoy great popularity.
  • A petition has been launched by the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) to persuade Microsoft to extend support for Windows 10.

Over two years have now passed since the launch of Windows 11 in October 2021. Nevertheless, many of you continue to rely on Windows 10, partly because Windows 11 is struggling with numerous problems and partly because the system requirements of Windows 11 are significantly higher than those of its predecessor.

But the clock is ticking. While feature updates have been discontinued for Windows 10 for some time now, Microsoft plans to provide security updates only until October 2025. After that, users will no longer receive automatic updates and will have to switch to Windows 11.

Public Interest Research Group launches petition

According to the non-profit organization “Public Interest Research Group” (PIRG), up to 40 percent of PCs currently in use will be decommissioned due to the increased system requirements of the successor Windows 11. For this reason, PIRG has launched a petition to persuade Microsoft to extend support for Windows 10. It is not known how many people have signed the petition so far.

However, there is one exception: users of the LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) version of Windows 10 will continue to receive updates after October 2025. As a rule, however, only companies and businesses receive the LTSC version. This means that private users will have to switch to a new operating system after two years unless Microsoft changes its mind.

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