‘Loki’ Easter Egg for True Crime Fans: How Casey’s backstory solves a real-world mystery

Once again, “Loki” uses an exciting trick and provides an explanation for a real-world crime mystery.

Warning, spoilers for “Loki” season 2, episode 5 follow!

The latest episode of “Loki” had some exciting news in store for Marvel fans, for example regarding Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) new superpower. In addition to the title hero, Casey (Eugene Cordero) in particular deserves your attention, as his backstory contains a “revealing” Easter egg. Anyone who still needs clarification should read this article:

Casey’s (real-life) escape from Alcatraz

After D.B. Cooper entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in season 1, the fictional series now makes reference to Frank Morris’ real-life prison break, which was filmed in the late 1970s with Clint Eastwood in the lead role.

When Loki sets off in search of his fugitive comrades-in-arms, a time warp takes him to the prison island of Alcatraz. There he witnesses Casey’s escape attempt, although his name here is Frank. While his two accomplices are busy getting the escape boat ready, Loki engages Casey/Frank in conversation. As we learn later, the god of mischief is able to convince his old companion to join him in his plan, despite a lapse of memory. What has happened to the other two fugitives remains unclear. However, it is possible that they really did make it to shore.

Loki” thus solves the sensational real-life escape of Frank Morris and his companions John and Clarence Anglin, whose true fate has still not been clarified. The highly intelligent criminal Morris, who came into contact with the law at an early age and was convicted of burglary in 1960 and sent to Alcatraz, escaped the prison walls via an old ventilation shaft in 1962. The fugitives wanted to leave the island in a boat made from old raincoats. However, there has been no trace of the trio ever since. It was long assumed that they had drowned – but no bodies were ever found. In the meantime, the success of the escape or the successful swim ashore is no longer considered so unlikely…

With this fictional solution to Frank Morris’ mysterious Alcatraz escape, “Loki” continues the “fantastic trend in the MCU of […] explaining real-world events with the mysterious goings-on of even more inexplicable characters in the MCU”, as our colleagues at Screenrant aptly put it. We can only hope that Loki’s efforts finally bear fruit in the season finale and that we can perhaps expect a similar Easter egg in a third season… You can watch the final episode of the second season “Loki” on Disney+ from November 10, 2023.

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