More graphics power for the Galaxy S24: This is what Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD are planning

The Galaxy S23 can also do ray tracing. With FidelityFX Super Resolution, the frame rate could be increased.

The Galaxy S24 could already have a better frame rate with ray tracing thanks to a new technology. AMD, Samsung and Qualcomm are probably teaming up for this.

  • Samsung, AMD and Qualcomm are said to be working on bringing FidelityFX Super Resolution to future Galaxy smartphones.
  • This could possibly already mean the Galaxy S24.
  • FidelityFX Super Resolution outputs games in a higher resolution than they are initially calculated.

Samsung could ensure very good graphics performance for games on the Galaxy S24. The X user Revegnus, known for leaks among other things, has reported that the smartphone manufacturer, together with AMD and Qualcomm, could use a competitor technology to Nvidia’s DLSS in future Galaxy smartphones.

The solution is called FidelityFX Super Resolution, which is also used in AMD graphics cards for PCs. With this technology, as Pocket-lint roughly explains, the content of games is first calculated at a lower resolution and then output at higher resolutions. A high number of frames per second can still be achieved.

This would also make it possible to use the realistic light calculation technology of ray tracing and get a lot more frames per second out of the graphics unit in Galaxy smartphones. Samsung is no stranger to light calculation. The Exynos 2200 from the Galaxy S22 is already capable of hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

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Whether the collaboration between the three companies will actually bear fruit in the Galaxy S24 is not certain. We may have to wait until the Galaxy S25 or subsequent generations.

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