GTA 6: Insider names release date, fans won’t like it

GTA 6 will probably be the game of the decade, such is the hype. An insider has now named a possible release date, but fans won’t like it.

Rockstar will finally be showing a trailer for GTA 6 soon. The publisher has confirmed that it will unveil the successor to GTA 5 with a video at the beginning of December. Although a date has not yet been set, fans are very excited.

Perhaps Rockstar Games will also reveal the release year of GTA 6 in the trailer, which is quite common in video game videos in the industry.

GTA 6 is more likely to be released in 2025

There has already been speculation about a release in 2024 to 2025, primarily as parent company Take-Two also points to these years with a sales forecast. The game may be released later, in 2025, as an insider suggests, according to the X-Channel “Rockstar Universe”.

There is of course, no proof of this, but Rockstar Universe correctly predicted the trailer announcement. This rumor about the game seems more credible than many others, especially as postponements are common in the video game industry.

The sales forecast above refers to the fiscal year 2025, which ends on March 31. There is a good chance that GTA 6 will be available by that date. Once a release date has been set, you can find it in our game release list.

Sources: Take-Two and Twitter

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