OnePlus 12: Official partnership with Sony Lytia brings this technology

For the sensor, OnePlus will collaborate with Sony Lytia.

The high-end features of the OnePlus 12 also include the camera. Thanks to a partnership with Sony Lytia, the next flagship will have a main sensor with interesting technology.

  • The OnePlus 12 is getting a new Lytia camera sensor thanks to a partnership.
  • This means that the previously discussed IMX966 is off the table.
  • The Lytia sensor comes with separate layers for transistors and photodiodes.

OnePlus has announced a partnership with Sony Lytia on the Chinese short message service Weibo, which will result in a new camera sensor from the brand for the OnePlus 12. This also means that a previous rumor that the next smartphone from OnePlus would use the IMX966 has been refuted.

GSMArena has described an important technical detail of the new sensor. It is probably a CMOS sensor with two separate layers for transistors and photodiodes. This means that there can be larger diodes and more light can be captured.

However, the rest of the camera remains unclear. In addition to the main sensor, there will also be an ultra-wide camera with 48 megapixels and the OmniVision OV64B sensor with triple optical zoom and 64 megapixels on the back.

Source: OnePlus

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