OnePlus 12: What a certification says about the battery

With the CCC certification, the OnePlus 12 has passed an important stage towards its release in China. This is now known about the battery.

  • The OnePlus 12 appears on the website of the CCC certification, which is important for China.
  • This probably shows a charger on the associated website that, like its predecessor, enables 100-watt fast charging.
  • OnePlus could release the new smartphone in China as early as the end of November or in December 2023.

The OnePlus 12 appears on the “China Compulsory Certificate” website. If a company wants to sell electronic products in China, it must first obtain this certification. This is high time, as OnePlus could release the new flagship in the Land of Dawn as early as next month.

GSMArena is even assuming a release at the end of November. The online magazine also noticed that the certification website lists a charger for the OnePlus 12 with features that can also be found on the charger for the OnePlus 11. Therefore, the OnePlus 12 should also have fast charging with a maximum of 100 watts, just like its predecessor.

This is not necessarily the only way to charge the Chinese manufacturer’s next smartphone. You should also be able to charge it wirelessly at 50 watts.

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